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Jenolan Caves

Open every day, Jenolan Caves are the most famous caves in Australia.  Strictly protected and, therefore unspoiled, the caves are visited by more than 230,000 people every year. 


It is famous for several excellent reasons, including the fact that they are Australia’s most spectacular caves.  More than 400 caves have been discovered at Jenolan, making it the largest cave system in Australia that is open to the public - so large, that the end of the cave system has not yet been found.  Scientists have established that Jenolan is the world’s oldest cave system – 340 million years old. Between 2008 and 2013, Jenolan Caves won 36 prestigious tourism awards, including 3 national awards.  Jenolan ranks amongst the most outstanding cave systems in the world – a ‘must see’ on any holiday to Australia.


Jenolan Caves offers a magical experience for every visitor.  People of all ages can experience the stunning limestone caves, all richly draped in calcite crystal formations.  There are pure underground rivers, award-winning guided cave tours (with a choice of 8 huge caves) helpful tour guides, challenging ‘adventure caving’ and scenic bush walks.


Only 3 hour’s drive from Sydney Airport, in a high mountain valley, Jenolan Caves sits in a vast nature reserve, part of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, and home to native Australian birds and animals.  Visitors to Jenolan often glimpse these animals in the wild, including kangaroos and platypus. 


For thousands of years, the local indigenous people used Jenolan as a meeting place, and brought their sick to be healed in the mineral-rich waters that flow from the caves. 


In 1836, the caves were discovered by European settlers, who chased a bushranger to his underground hideout.  As Jenolan was one of the earliest places in the world to be declared a reserve, the precious caves have been carefully preserved, and now inspire generations of visitors with their mystery and beauty.  Back in the 1800s, formally dressed gentlemen and ladies viewed the vast caverns by candlelight. 


But now, Jenolan is at the forefront of cave tour development and innovation. Inspired by technology, demand and imagination, Jenolan continually refreshes the way visitors experience the caves. To meet today’s high expectations, especially for international tourists, visitors enjoy comfortable, safe walkways (with clean stainless steel railings) and subtle, eco-friendly lighting which beautifully highlights all the most fabulous features of the caves. Cameras are welcome.


Jenolan Caves attracts visitors from all over the world.  Some stay for an afternoon and others stay for 2 or 3 days, and even longer, as there are many things to see and do.  Visitors can take advantage of the large hotel complex, and relax in the spacious restaurant, cosy bar or new café. 


The caves are often used as a base from which to visit other Australian attractions in the scenic Blue Mountains and in the rugged central western region of New South Wales. One nearby attraction is Mayfield Gardens, one of the largest privately owned cool climate gardens in Australia – not to be missed!


More than just a tourist attraction, Jenolan also hosts unique weddings and conferences.  Jenolan Caves is an Australian national treasure, of awe-inspiring beauty.  


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