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A School Holiday Show; The Marvellous Sock Machine

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Gallery ONE88, 186-188 Katoomba St, Katoomba, 2780


Phone: 02 4782 1900
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singing socks

The Marvellous Sock Machine is a delightful 50 minute show featuring songs, loads of fun and plenty of Silly Sock Sensations! This show is an interactive theatrical experience for children aged 2 – 8.

Sock Buddies, Spud and Gromit, are inundated with washing soooo many socks – and they’re always losing them! What are they to do?

Gromit has a great idea! She starts to build the Marvellous Sock Machine that washes, sorts and pairs all the socks up. 

Spud is very helpful (not), and he sings a silly-sock-song about Gromit’s Sock Machine.

Whenever Spud sings he gets the audience to join in and do something funny. 

Sing a Silly Sock Song with us now!

Then… oh no! Something goes wrong with the Marvellous Sock Machine. The Sock Monsterhas stolen a part of it! 

  • How are Spud and Gromit going to catch the Sock Monster?
  • Can the Marvellous Sock Machine be fixed?
  • Will our Sock Buddies be able find all those lost Socks and pair them up?

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