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Blue Mountains
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Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, Mount Tomah

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Bells Line of Road, Mt Tomah, 2758


Phone: (02) 4567 3000
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The Jungle Lodge (Mt Tomah)

About us
The Garden features a world class collection of cool climate plants grouped according to their geographical origin. This allows the visitor to see both the similarities and differences between the plants of each region.

Unique geography
A cool and tranquil environment with mild summer temperatures, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is an ideal place to display plants from the cooler regions of the world. The top 100 metres of Mount Tomah consists of a layer of basalt; a volcanic rock which weathers to form a rich acid clay loam that is more fertile than most Australian soils. Basalt has many fine vertical cracks, called ‘columnar jointing’, which form when the rock cools. These joints trap rain water, forming a natural underground reservoir which provides a water supply for the garden. Hexagonal basalt blocks are used in walls around the garden.

What’s on

  • Free guided tours by a volunteer guide
  • Garden shuttle tours
  • Learn about the Blue Mountains in the Botanists Way
  • A schedule of workshops, walks and educational programs for adults, families and kids
  • Personalised tours for groups
  • Seasonal events and festivals
  • Ceremonies, functions and conference facilities plus hire of indoor & outdoor sites around the Garden for your gathering including free BBQs
  • Accommodation at the garden at The Jungle Lodge
  • Scooters for hire and assessable parking, amenities and maps

Visiting information
The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is open every day except Christmas Day.
Monday - Friday: 9.00 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm
Entry is free
No pets allowed in the Garden
Enquiries 02 4567 3000

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